The family

Since April 2014 we, the Andres family, run Fortuna Camping am Neckar. Who we are, find out more...

The boss – Björn
Educated as a Radio- and TV-engineer he's a very skilled craftsman. Over many years he gained valuable marketing and sales experience with big international companies. With his organisational talent, craftsman's skills and his passion for camping he's the ideal camping manager.

The real boss – Manuela
Her passion is listening. She loves being surrounded by you - our guests. Always happy - you simply have to love her.

The youngsters - Jan and Luca
They still support us even though they study or attend school.

All of us are passionate campers and we have travelled Europe and the US with motorhomes and caravans. Now we run a camping. We hope you like all our ideas and will visit us soon.

We're looking forward to welcome you,

The Andres family