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Frequently asked questions
from arrival to WiFi

Information on arrival and departure can be found in the booking conditions.

Barbecue and camping belong together! Please make sure that you bring an electric-, lotus- or gas-grill with you to enjoy barbeque. Because of the firerisk we unfortunately can not allow barbecues with charcoal and open fire.

Booking information can be found in the booking conditions.
Please be aware that we cannot accept bookings by telephone.

Information on cancellations can be found in the booking conditions.

Behind building B2 you will find our "Camping-Butler". The device automatically empties and cleans the cassette of your chemical toilet for a fee. Alternatively you will find a manual emptying facility in building B1.

Each power connection is freely accessible and protected with 16 amps. It's CEE-connections (blue, three-pin plug). Please connect your cable only to the connector assigned to your pitch. Please note the labeling on the elextricity boxes and sockets.

Adapters and extension cables are available at the reception for a deposit and fee.

Charging of electric vehicles on the campground is not allowed, because the electricity consumption is charged as a flat rate. The next free charging station (Typ 2/CCS/CHAdeMO) for electric vehicles can be found at the parking place of "Kaufland" just before Mosbach. The closest charging station (Typ 2/CCS/CHAdeMO) is in Obrigheim at Auweg 3 in front of the parking place of the Pennymarket.

Under the menu item "Activities" you will already find a large selection of possibilities. Our friendly staff at the reception will be happy to advise you on cycling and hiking trails, museums, thermal baths, leisure parks and much more in the region.

Camping guests can order gas bottles (German 11kg steel grey and aluminum, as well as 5kg steel grey) by phone on +49 62623 669. During reception opening hours we will deliver them to your site within just one hour.

You can find gas cartridges in various formats in our Campingshop.

Medical supply:

  • Medical on-call service: 116 117
  • Emergency call: 112



With our unique online order service clickabread.com you can order baked goods for the next day until 6:00 pm and get them delivered to the square from 8:15 am (only parceled pitches).

Pets are very welcome! In order to enable a smooth interaction between humans and animals, we ask you to make sure at any time that your dog:

  • is leashed anywhere on the campground.
  • never goes for business (not even marking) on the campground. Herefore you can use the beautiful meadows outside the campsite. 
  • stays only within areas permitted for pets.
  • the left-overs are removed, also outside the premises.

At the pedestrian gate you will find free doggy bags and there are public waste disposals outside the meadows outside the campground.

You can inquire available pitch categories for a desired vacation period online. Please use our availability tool for this.

Please note that you cannot query individual pitch numbers. When you book, we will allocate a place within the desired category.

The train station in Binau-Siedlung allows you a direct connection to  Heidelberg und Mosbach. The train station is approximately 2,3 km away. You will find timetables at the reception for free.

At the bus stop "Sonneneck" just in front of the restaurant Sonneneck you can catch a bus to Mosbach. You can have a look at the time table at the reception.

Here you will find our Campingshop with a selection of beverages, food and camping equipment.

Further shops (Lidl, Penny, Rewe) can be found in Diedesheim, 4-5 km away and close to that in Obrigheim. In Mosbach, 7 km away,  you will find all shops as butchers, bakers and weekly markets.

You will find a washing machine and a dryer in the building B1. Both will operate with conventional euro coins.

Waste disposal and separation is the responsibility of adults. In oder to protect the environment, we separate recyclable materials in different containers. The location of our recycling island can be found on the campground map.

YELLOW = plastic and metal
BLUE = paper and cardboard, please fold small
GREEN / ORANGE = glass, all colors
GREY = household waste and food leftovers

Please do not place any rubbish in front of the containers, not even if the item still appears to be usable or carries a deposit. For the disposal of special waste such as bulky waste, electrical appliances or (camping)furniture, please contact the reception. We are happy to give you the contact details of professional disposal options nearby.

Waste water (grey water) from caravans can be emptied in the sanitary building B1 in the chemical toilet and behind the sanitary building B2 (next to the Camping-Butler) in the grey water sink.

Waste water (grey water) from mobile homes can be emptied in front of the campsite in our service station for mobile homes.

Are you planning your next trip, are you looking for a supermarket or the nearest gas station? No problem, just user our free WiFi access. You will receive your access data with your registration documents (back of the campground map) in advance by e-mail.

All German mobile network providers are available at LTE speed, some even with 5G.

Please note, that we provide the WiFi-access free of charge. Therefore we cannot guarantee availability and do not offer any technical assistance with device-specific connection problems. 

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