Naturally environmentally friendly
at Fortuna Camping am Neckar

Our Campsite is located amidst beautiful nature. We actively contribute to protecting and preserve the environment. Furthermore, we purchase regionally and employ locally.

Energy saving

  • Our solar system provides more than half of the electricity the campsite consumes and stores excess energy during the day in a big battery.
  • All illumination works with ecological LED lights and are largely motion-controlled.
  • Most of the illumination are self-sufficient solar lights.
  • Energy-saving garden tools are operated with rechargeable batteries, which are charged with solar power.
  • The caretaker is using an electric vehicle that runs on solar energy.
  • The highly effecient cooling for the restaurant actively saves electricity.

Ecological water and swimming pool technologies

  • Water-saving showers and aerators provide water without reducing your comfort.
  • Electronic, time- or motion-controlled showers and taps ensure that no water is running without need.
  • The pool is heated with solar power by an air heat pump and cleaned by a highly efficient cleaning technology.

Regional shopping and markets

  • Every holiday weekend, the organic farmer´s market with the Heinrich-Hof offers local organic goods.
  • The self-brewed beer from Haßmersheim "Der helle Krapp" is not only truly regional but a real taste sensation - a must for every beer lover!
  • The local wines from Baden and norhern Württemberg offer a great variety to choose from. From Riesling to Lemberger there is an excellent wine for every connoisseur.

Local plants and ecological materials

  • Our shepherd´s wagons, made of local wood, are not only beautiful, but healthy to sleep in. The surrounding area is made of local wood chips and the benches are made of recycled plactic.
  • All the seating, light poles, posts for signs and some of the playground equipment are made from recycled plastic. The planting of the entire area is based on plants, which grow naturally in the region. 
  • We do not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides at all.

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